Friday, December 17, 2010

December Northern California - Things To Do #4 - Fall Vegetables

If you decided to continue your garden adventures during the fall/winter, and planted a vegetable garden, you are probably collecting some of the fruits from your labor. Cabbage, brocoli, Brussel sprout, root crops, etc... should be showing up.

According to an article on the San Jose Mercury News, this is the time to plant artichokes, asparagus, and rhubarb. I don't plant any of these because my family will not eat them.

I started lettuce from seeds. It was growing quite well, protected in my mini-greenhouse. However, I decided not to plant them in the yard, as it would be more of fight with the snails and slugs than enjoyment.  I do have a plan for next year to "attack" the slugs in certain areas of the yard: copper tape. May be I should use pennies? It is in the back of my mind....

Here is a picture of my lettuce when was growing in the mini-greenhouse.

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