Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Northern California - Things To Do #5 - It is never too late...

We just talked about the fall vegetable garden. There is also flowers that can be planted during the fall in this area for next spring. I am trying for several years  to grow Sweet peas. I love the flowers and their fragrance.

I forgot to plant earlier... So, I hope it is not too late to do it. I also decided to plant them in a container and transplant them. I know... I know... I read it too: Sweet peas do not like to be transplanted. I decided to try that because my rate of success with growing on site was not good. Actually, for the last three years, it was zero :-) So, what do I have to loose?

I planted the way I usually do. I take a little "bite" from the seed. The books recommend to file with paper file. I tried to file with a nail filer before, but I thought I was spending too much time doing it. So, I decided to try to take a little nip with a cuticle scissor, being careful not to damage the "green" part of the seed. After doing that, I soak the seed overnight in warm water.

I planted in one of the grape containers that I get from Costco. Here is a picture:

And here is a picture of one already showing some sign of life:

I just love to see my seedlings coming out...

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