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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Volunteers - Nasturtium

I have an interesting experience growing Nasturtium. I started four years ago Nasturtium from seeds. The seeds grew, but I barely saw the plant: it was small, and had one flower! I remember that I bought some kind of mixture, may be this one - Nasturtium, Fordhook Favorites Mix. The reason I wanted this plant was to be a climber, as I have a small structure for a climber plant. I had no climber, I can tell you.

So, the year next, that is three years ago, I decided to try this kind, Nasturtium 'Princess of India'. I love the intense red of the flower. I started from seeds, and I do not even remember if I had a single flower!

Since last year, the Nasturtiums decided to come as volunteers in the same spot that I planted the seedlings three and four years ago! Don't ask me: I have no clue what happened. One reason might be because of my ex-gardener: he use to put too much herbicide (that was the reason I let him go).

Now, I have a lush, beautiful collection of Nasturtium. All sort of colors. The snails and slugs love the plant, but there are so many that I do not mind sharing with them. Even the leaves are so beautiful, and so big.

Because I do not apply anything to the plants, I can eat the flowers. I've tried, and they are a little peppery, but not much. 

This is another plant to give it a try. Do not give up: I almost did, and my garden rewarded me with lots of beautiful plants, reminding me not to give up.