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Monday, April 28, 2014

Azalea Light Pink

 I have to confess: this azalea is my favorite! When it flowers, which is happening right now, it flowers! You can barely see green.

It is a very light pink. Beautiful! With dark pink mouth.

This plant is definitely in a shade area of my backyard. It loves it there. It got quite damaged when I reconstructed the fence close by. I actually step on it :( Now, it is in a good shape again.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Azalea Dark Pink

I bought these azalea 2 years ago. However, this is their first year not in a pot. I got 3 of them at Costco.

First, I transferred them into another pot, so they could get established. After one year, I transplanted all of them in the front yard.

They almost died because the irrigation system was leaking and not much water was getting to them. Now, they are as pretty and strong as they can be!

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Friday, October 21, 2011


I love this azalea. I have two other colors in my yard. But this one, year after year, is just spectacular! When it flowers, you can barely see any leaves! The color is very light pink (in the picture it seems that it is white, but it is not) with the inside a darker pink. I have only one of this azalea.

I tried to propagate, but until today I did not succeed. There is some hope though, as I found that two cuttings did get some root. Let's see if they will survive. BTW, I did use the rooting hormone several times. These two cuttings that got some root, I did not use the hormone! Go figure...

I will eventually make a scrapbook paper from one of these photos.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

What is in my garden now - Azalea

This is my first post in this new blog. Some of you might already know: I love to garden! I love flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc... In summary, I like pretty much any vegetation that has either a flower or something that I can eat LOL.

While going around my garden today, I noticed some azalea flowers! My azaleas already flowered in early spring. I have no clue why they are flowering again. It might be because of the mild summer that we had, and a hot beginning of fall.

There are not as many flowers as I had during spring. In Spring, you cannot see the green from the leaves. However, trust me: I am not complaining... I tried to propagate this particular azalea several times, but I did not succeed. I read again some propagation techniques, and I will try one of them again this year. I will let you know what happen in the future, as I try to show my garden and some of the things I've tried.

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