Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Northern California - Things To Do #3 - Herbs

According to a book that I am reading, herbs are hardy in this region and do not need much care, except Basil that needs to be moved to a sunny location.

Well, let me tell you: my Basils are in a sunny location, and they are dead! Why? Because of the frost, and the low temperature  at night. Here is a picture of my Basil currently:

Another one that is pretty much gone is my Tarragon. The yellow burned leaves are from my Tarragon.

My Oregano still looks good. Last year it died from the frost too. Will see what happen this year.

For sure, some of my herbs are fine. For instance, this is the way my Rosemary look like.

Gorgeous as usual!!!

How about in your area? What happens to your herbs? Do you move them inside?


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  1. Here in Ontario Canada I have to harvest my herbs in early September, sometimes mid August because the weather is so unstable. I had the same problem with my basil and tarragon last year too, not the frost burn but from too much rain all summer :( they drowned. I DID try bringing them in and the electric heat in my apt just dried them up within less than 3 days (And I did water them :( I need to move somewhere where I could garden all year round and not die from natural disasters. When I buy my house, I'm making sure it has a sun room. I can't live happily or comfortably without flowers and Herbs and I REALLY want to plant a juniper bush, they smell so beautiful