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Monday, April 28, 2014

Azalea Light Pink

 I have to confess: this azalea is my favorite! When it flowers, which is happening right now, it flowers! You can barely see green.

It is a very light pink. Beautiful! With dark pink mouth.

This plant is definitely in a shade area of my backyard. It loves it there. It got quite damaged when I reconstructed the fence close by. I actually step on it :( Now, it is in a good shape again.

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Monday, April 21, 2014


These Heucheras were started from one of the packages of plant that you can buy at Costco. They multiplied a lot.

They are in front of my house on a shade place. Boy, do the flower!!! It is beautiful. The flowers are quite small, but abundant.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Clivia - Bulb for Shade Garden

I received this plant as a gift last April. I was told that it needed shade, real shade.

I thought that would be better to put on a part of the garden that there was some sun. I was instructed to not do that. Shade, shade, shade.

Well, I am very glad  I followed the instructions. It is a bulb. Really amazing plant.

This plant is in a part of my garden that not even azaleas handled :) It is beside a hydrangea that I am not sure how is surviving there either... Hey, not complaining. Love them both. Isn't the color astonishing? For no sun!!! Love it!

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Update: Do La Do told me the name of the plant. Yay!!!! Clivia. Thanks so much Do La Do.

P.S. Could not find out the name of this plant.