Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Northern California - Things To Do #2 - leaves

Lots of people wonder why we need to rake the leaves  from the yard. I wonder too. I have a feeling that if I leave the leaves on my grass, the grass underneath will kind of die. So, I remove the leaves from the grass. I really do not rake them, but I get them with the lawn mower. Bonus: I get a good mixture to go in my compost bin.

From the rest of the yard, I only rake right now if it is bothering me, or if something is growing under it. I do collect the leaves eventually so I can mix with the grass later. However, before mixing with "greens" (grass, for instance), I do shred them, mostly with the lawn mower.

Furthermore, not all my trees lost their leaves. Here is a picture from one of my backyard trees: just wonderful shade of red!!! I love this tree in fall and in spring.

In summary, I did clean some of the leaves from my yard.  But I am not too worried about raking all the leaves, for now.


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