Monday, December 27, 2010

December Northern California - Bay Area - Things To Do #8 - Flowers

We need to feed the shrubs and trees that bloom wight after the New Year's Day. Wow!!! I am no sure what is in my garden that this rule should apply. I will keep my eyes open this year, and do it next year.

Some articles also say that you can prune your roses now, or wait until January. Holiday is a busy time of the year. I will wait until January.

Some articles also recommend to prune fruit trees and vines. I think I will do that in January. For sure I will prune my Clematis vines. Clematis is one of these flowers that just fascinate me. They are so beautiful. It is almost not possible to believe that such flower exist.

Here are some of the Clematis that I have in my yard.

This clematis is a mix of purple and shades of dark pink. This flower is big, and gorgeous.

This is the way this clematis look now.

This clematis is dark pink. The flowers are also big, and also gorgeous.

This is the way this clematis looks now.

This clematis is dark purple. The flowers are much smaller than the previous ones. However, the number of flowers is far more than the others.

This is the way this clematis looks now.

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  1. I live in upstate new york and also love to garden.....i have the same dark purple clematis...very pretty..I also do a veggie garden in summer...and have many house plants...very nice blog..cant wait to see your upcoming posts...:)