Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spring preparation

Around October, I planted some California Poppies. I want to have them ready to be planted in the yard in early spring. In the beginning of December they were doing quite well in my mini-greenhouse.

When I look at them, I decided not to procrastinate any longer. It is definitely time to plant in individual containers.

They sure look much happier. I use a good soil mix (Miracle Grow mix), and they are doing great. Can't wait to move them to the yard. In the meantime, I am keeping them safe in the mini-greenhouse.

I also started some herb "babies". A friend asked me for some thyme and rosemary. Here they are. I hope that at least one of each will make it.

If none makes it... well, nothing to be sad: I will start them again!!! Very simple to start: I just grab some pieces from the "mother" plants, and stick to the dirt. I do not use the powder that most books recommend.

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