Sunday, November 14, 2010

Herbs, herbs, and herbs - Rosemary

Here in California, Rosemary grows like weed. I did not grow this plant from seed. Several years ago, I bought a small pot of Rosemary. Since then, I started 2-3 plants by taking a piece from the "mother" plant, sticking it in a pot, and waiting for the roots to grow.

I planted the new "babies" in several places in my yard, but found out that Rosemary is one of the few plants that survive the little hill I have in  my backyard. Nothing grows in that hill. The builder compacted the hill to ensure that we would not have any slide. Needless to say that, even today, it is hard to make even a little hole to plant anything in the hill.

Rosemary survived there, and thrives, as you can see.

I love to put Rosemary on grilled chicken. A little goes a long way....

How do you use Rosemary?


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