Friday, November 12, 2010

Herbs, herbs, and herbs - French Tarragon

This herb is called French Tarragon. For several years, I could not grow them from seeds. In the last two years, I was able to grow. It might be because of the way I am growing seeds nowadays. I use to put the heat mat all the time. The reality is it is not necessary where I live. I only turn on the mat at night.

This is one of the herbs that I grow in pots. It tends to die during the winter (several other herbs do not die in this area). I know I planted several seeds. I have now three pots growing them.

They are delicious in chicken stew!!! The anise taste is wonderful. I never had them set seeds so I can  collect some. However, from what I read, it seems to be the norm.

Do you use Tarragon in your cooking?


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