Thursday, November 18, 2010

Herbs, herbs, and herbs - Oregano

I started my Oregano from seeds. I tried to grow for several years, but I never succeed. Finally, this spring I could get at least two plants. This time, like the tarragon, I did not use much heat during the day for the seeds to sprout, only if it was very cold outside, for Silicon Valley standards (I do not get a very cold winter here). It seems that was the trick.

As with all my other seedlings, I moved them as soon as the seedling showed the first two leaves (not the true leaves) to the outside mini green house. I made sure the plastic curtain was closed during the night, and I only opened during the day if it was very sunny, and the green house started to heat up a bit.

I planted in a pot when the plant was quite mature, close to my kitchen door. I use this herb in tomato sauce. Again, I only put on my plate.

Do you use fresh oregano? It is so good...


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