Saturday, November 20, 2010

Herbs, herbs, and herbs - Mint

Mint... Such a wonderful herb. If you grow mint, you know how careful you have to be to plant them in your yard. I know now :-) I do not plant them in the middle of the garden!

My mint is in a pot. The pot is in  a place that I can control the root shoots not to invade the yard. This plant was actually initially planted in the garden. When I noticed the "little mints" coming everywhere (one year after I planted the "mother"), I acted fast, and moved to a pot. The pot was too close to a garden bed. I could catch fast enough to avoid "little mints" to spread all over that garden bed. Now, this plant is really contained in its pot.

I keep planning to use mint to cook Lamb. However, I have a problem: I do not like meat that is very fatty! The last time I went to Brasil, my sister cooked some Lamb and it was delicious. However, here at home, I keep avoid buying the meat, not sure why...

Tea!!! Such a loving herb to make tea. I just love to have mint around here.

Very easy to grow... but be careful where you put it.


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