Friday, April 11, 2014

Clivia - Bulb for Shade Garden

I received this plant as a gift last April. I was told that it needed shade, real shade.

I thought that would be better to put on a part of the garden that there was some sun. I was instructed to not do that. Shade, shade, shade.

Well, I am very glad  I followed the instructions. It is a bulb. Really amazing plant.

This plant is in a part of my garden that not even azaleas handled :) It is beside a hydrangea that I am not sure how is surviving there either... Hey, not complaining. Love them both. Isn't the color astonishing? For no sun!!! Love it!

Thanks for visiting.
Update: Do La Do told me the name of the plant. Yay!!!! Clivia. Thanks so much Do La Do.

P.S. Could not find out the name of this plant.


  1. Its beautiful,
    Your garden is so pretty,
    Love Christine in Italy xx

  2. That looks like a clivia to me - and yes they do prefer the shade - they tend to scorch when they are in the sun and the flowers do not last as long.