Monday, October 11, 2010

What is in my garden now - Azalea

This is my first post in this new blog. Some of you might already know: I love to garden! I love flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc... In summary, I like pretty much any vegetation that has either a flower or something that I can eat LOL.

While going around my garden today, I noticed some azalea flowers! My azaleas already flowered in early spring. I have no clue why they are flowering again. It might be because of the mild summer that we had, and a hot beginning of fall.

There are not as many flowers as I had during spring. In Spring, you cannot see the green from the leaves. However, trust me: I am not complaining... I tried to propagate this particular azalea several times, but I did not succeed. I read again some propagation techniques, and I will try one of them again this year. I will let you know what happen in the future, as I try to show my garden and some of the things I've tried.

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  1. Hello, Luiza! Great blog, and I love your flowers. Why not extract them and give them to us as freebies? They'd make lovely elements in a scrapbook layout or kit!

    BTW, your search engine is missing my blog again. Your blinkie is there, and my freebie is there, but it keeps missing me. Can you re-add me again? The address is Thanks!