Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tomatoes, Flowers, Seedling Galore

Lots of tomatoes... I decided to plant much less tomatoes this year though.

I transplanted some to a "bigger" container, but there are still several that are waiting to be transplanted. I am waiting for the second true-leaf to show up.

Zinnias... lots of them. Small, medium, and tall! It will be great!!!

Marigolds... a few types. This one is the Best Mix (I believe it is by Burpee).

This is a small zinnia. I will plant in front of all the others.
Still in the "start container", are the basil seedlings.

In the front, another Zinnia... I believe this one is Thumbelina.
At the back, Marigold Bolero.

At the back, Cosmos, most likely Sensation.
In the front, another Zinnia. This one is from seeds that I saved from last year Zinnia that I planted in my front yard. They are small, and fluorescent yellow. 
Behind the small Zinnias, I believe is another Zinnia, the giant Scarlet type. They are gorgeous!!!

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