Thursday, March 24, 2016

More seedlings

More seedlings progress. The ones above are alyssum, white and pink. They are almost ready to be transplanted to their permanent place in the yard.

These are Goji Berries. It is an experiment. I extracted the seeds from dried Goji Berries. These are one year old, and I have to find a place in my yard to put them.

Coreopsis. Not sure if I already "missed the boat". I just transplanted them in the frontyard. Hopefully they will still be able to flower.

The same with the pansies. They can get very leggy when things start to get warmer here. I just transplanted them in the frontyard.

Delphiniums. I really want to see how these will do in my yard this year, if they can survive the hungry snails that live forever in my yard!

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