Friday, February 13, 2015

Tomatoes - Summer 2015

It has been a week since I planted all my tomatoes! I planted last Friday. On Monday, some of them had already sprouted!!! Today, they have all sprouted and are happy.

Because it is not too hot here, I am putting them outside so the little plants do not have to bend to get some sun :)

Here is the list of the types that I planted (yeah... it is more than the tomatoes that I have been publishing the last few days :) ) - 29 types !!!!  

  1. Black Krim
  2. Cherokee
  3. Abe Lincoln
  4. Delicious
  5. Zebra
  6. Rutgers
  7. Tangerine
  8. Sweetie
  9. Crimson C.
  10. Red October
  11. Morgage Lifter
  12. Brandwine
  13. Porterhouse
  14. Burpee's Best Boy
  15. Brandy Boy
  16. El Fresco
  17. Early Girl
  18. Sungold
  19. Sweet Gold
  20. Jubilee
  21. San Marzano
  22. 4th July
  23. Juliet
  24. Sweet Aroma
  25. Red Cherry
  26. Honey Delight
  27. Marvel Stripe
  28. Celebrity
  29. Gardener's Delight
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  1. Its a bit early for planting tomatoes here,
    I am waiting for my tulips to poke their heads above the ground
    By love Christine in Italy xx

    1. Can't wait to see your tulips!!!!! The tomatoes will only go to the ground by the end of March.