Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Garden

Tomatoes in my Garden

I am so happy about my garden this season. I start most of my annuals from seeds. I start the process in February. Tomatoes start first! :)

Sunset Tomatoes
 This year I am growing several types of tomatoes:

  • small tomatoes (a package from Renee's garden company
    • red (not sure what type; growing for the first time this type though)
    • yellow (same as above) - I have some already
    • sunset (orange) - planted last year, and love, love the taste) - I have some already
  • Fourth of July (growing just to have tomatoes soon)
  • Sweet Tangerine (first time I grow)
  • Mortgage Lifter - Love, love, love
  • Brandwine - Love, love, love
  • Jubilee - Love, love, love
  • San Marzano  - tried last year, but did not succeed!
Small Yellow Tomato
They look wonderful.
Small Yellow Tomato

Fourth of July
Fourth of July

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