Sunday, January 29, 2012

Starting seeds....

Today I started to plant seeds for the summer.
Here is what I started today:

  • Jubilee: Germination - 5-10 days; Maturity: 72-85 days; Indeterminate

  • Black Krim : Maturity: 75; Indeterminate; Purple-Black; Mid-Season; Heirloom

  • Brandywine; Maturity: 80 days; Indeterminate; Pink fruit; Heirloom

  • Juliet (grape tomato) : Early Season; Fruit Weight: 1  ounces; Indeterminate; Maturity: 60  days

  • Small yellow - I will call Jill's yellow tomato (Jill is my friend and she introduced me to this wonderful tomato) - ... hummm this one might be a hybrid. Should try to buy seeds.

  • Poppy Giant Peony

  • Delphinium Fantasy

  • Cosmos Gazebo
I also planted 2 roots:

  • Clematis Nelly Moser

  • Peony Margaret Truman

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