Monday, October 3, 2011


It is almost fall again. It almost time to plant some more Primroses in my garden. I love Primroses due to their color. So many colors too choose. If I could, I would choose them all. The major problem I have with Primroses is the fact that snails love them as much as I do. If I do not keep a close eye, they do not bloom because of the snails.


  1. My mom and I cant grow them because squirrels love them too. I just admire them at the local nursery. :)

  2. I have lots and lots of squirrels around, and they do not touch them... However, slugs and snails eat them as fast as they grow.

  3. I just thought of something... Could the snail pellets that I put to kill snails make the primrose less "appetizing" to the squirrels? Whenever I have some time, I will to some research on... Thanks for your comment!