Saturday, January 8, 2011

Seed Catalogs

Oh... it is that time of the year!!! I love to get the seed catalogs in the mail, and check the new seeds.
Don't get me wrong: I do go to the local nurseries and check out the plants. But the catalogs have several unusual vegetables and flowers that you will not get to buy locally, even in the seed section of the local stores.
I receive catalogs from:
  • Seed Savers - the first time I ordered the catalog was 2 years ago. I started to get very interested in the Heirloom tomatoes.
  • Thompson and Morgan - Talk about beautiful flowers!!! I  love this catalog. They have the most amazing seeds for flowers.
  • Johnny Seeds - I started getting these after Martha Stewart mentioned in one of her shows several years ago.
  • Burpee - who does not know Burpee... Unfortunately, the first time I ordered some seeds from them, I did not succeed. It could be the seed, but most likely I lack any experience at that time. I browse the tomato section a lot.
  • Park Seed - love to see the flowers, and some of the special tomatoes.
  • Renee's Garden - I love her seeds. I been having a very successful rate germinating them. The  Sweet Peas that I planted are from her company.
So, which catalogs to you receive? Which ones have you ordered from?

Here is a pick at some of the things I am already growing:

California Poppies

Sweet Peas

Thyme and Rosemary


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